Database File In Drop Box Shared Folder

Can a software database file be saved and kept in a shared folder like drop box and be accessed and used (whether simultaneously or not) from more than one computers? A quickbooks database file is an example. Can it be centrally located on a dropbox folder and be accessed by a computer from another location … Read more

The account “Everyone” could not be mapped to a SID

I have a script that enables sharing on a folder an sets the sharing permissions. The script works fine with one exception which is the most important one if you wanna generate a HomeUse-Directory. I can’t set the sharing permissions for the group “Everyone” with the error message: The account “Everyone” couldn’t be mapped to … Read more

How do I share folders in dovecot?

I am migrating from courier. Migration worked well so far, I can access my maildirs with roundcube, with quota and sieve filters fully functionnal. Now I need to enable maildir sharing and can’t figure out how to properly configure dovecot since my setup is a little different. First the setup Virtual users. Maildirs are in … Read more

Can’t execute installer from Shared Folders on non-domain Windows Server 2012

On a non-domain Windows Server 2012 x64 vm, I have a shared folder with an installer. Whenever I try to run this installer from any workstation, the workstation’s account on the server is locked. I shared a folder by by doing the following: Right click on the folder and select properties > Select the Sharing … Read more

3 different folder share permission

Short and simple, There’s a document in PC A that I want to share,I want PC B to be able to read/write,PC C only read,while PC D has no access at all.Sounds impossible but if there’s a way please show me the rope.Thank You I’ve heard about Homegroup Domain account Workgroup Create accounts on server(PC … Read more

Force windows to prompt authentication to shared folder/disable “remember my credentials”

Is there a way to force windows to prompt for credentials to a shared folder? We are in a domain environment with 50+ PCs. What I need is to have a shared folder on our server that has specific user permissions. I need these users to be able to access this folder from any PC … Read more

Samba group access permissions

I have a file/media server running Samba, Plex and Transmission. However I am having a little trouble with the access permissions of my media folder. This folder needs to grant access to the ‘david’, ‘plex’ and the ‘debian-transmission user. So I made a group called ‘media_users’ and added them to the group and added the … Read more

Unable to setGID bit on folder

I want that all files and directories inherit the permissions of the tvshow folder. I am trying to set the GID bit, but I have no idea why it’s not working. I am using this source for my commands. david@server:~/media$ ls -l drwxrwx— 11 root media_users 11 Jul 23 18:58 tvshows david@server:~/media$ sudo chmod 2770 … Read more

Windows Shared folders vs Samba

What is the difference between Windows shared folder mechanism and samba (cifs)? Are they completely different things? I have a problem with my apltituter (Onkyo TX-NR646). It is able to work with shared folders to play music from the network. It works fine when I share something from Windows 7. I wanted to buy some … Read more