Connect Raspberry Pi to Windows Server (HP DL380) over serial connection

I have tried searching the internet for many hours on this issue and I haven’t found anything that would fit my needs. Here is the problem: We have some HP DL380 servers in a network that is closed off to the Internet that we are trying to get a cmd.exe session or into. The main … Read more

Raritan serial consoles (DSX) totally unreliable

We have some serial consoles by manufacturer Raritan. More specifically, 8-port and 16-port DSX-8 and DSX-16s. Currently, I seriously doubt their stability. What happens most of the time: Usually, the device isn’t needed for some time. When it is finally needed, I connect to it via ssh and give it the (serial) port number to … Read more

Telnet through a serial terminal server

I have a Perle IOLAN device like this, and one configuration option is for a serial terminal. The corresponding configuration screen. As you can see, one option is to configure the terminal to connect to a Telnet server. Can somebody explain how it is possible for the telnet application protocol to be transported over a … Read more

DTE & DCE advice

I am just wondering what the meain differences are between these two and do they need to have different clock rates. I am right in thinking that if I was linking two routers together via serial I would use DTE to connect them and linking up to an ISP would use the DCE? thanks I … Read more

Why are serial console ports on network switches 8P8C/RJ45 sockets? [closed]

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Virtual COM for Mac OS

IS there a way to create virtual COM ports in Mac OS and connect them to eachother? Answer Maybe this thread on contains a hint of the options you have: I had an email from the author of netfwd to let me know that it doesn’t support pty. He recommended I try socat, … Read more

Serial modem output interference on linux command line

I am manually dialing remote machines using my serial modem via the linux command line. I am automating the process, hence not using any dialing tools (I’ve already tried most of them – none are sufficient). I can make connections successfully – however when I turn on the verbose option on my modem (“AT V1”), … Read more