Remove crashed SCCM 2012 from Active Directory 2008 R2 (schema version 69) [closed]

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How do I run specific queries in SCCM using Powershell

Could you advise how could I run query ID using command prompt? For example, I do not want to go to Monitoring-Queries-expand tree and search for the specific querry. I Just want to have script file, when I launch it the command show the result of my query or export it to csv file. What … Read more

SCCM 2012: Can I deploy Config Manager Server as Hyper-V virtual machine? [closed]

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Frozen exe crashes in System Center Configuration Manager 2007

We are using SCCM 2007 to deploy a custom script (written in Python) which upgrades some software and performs additional configuration on client machines. The script is frozen into an exe using cx_freeze. The frozen exe runs fine from a regular command prompt, but when pushed out through SCCM, it crashes immediately. The system event … Read more

SCCM – PowerShell: All Systems collection not available

I try to import a computer to SCCM with the cmdlet “Import-CMComputerInformation” (, using Import-CMComputerInformation -CollectionName “All Systems” -ComputerName “Computer1” -MacAddress “FA:FA:FA:FA:FA:FA” Also tried with Import-CMComputerInformation -ComputerName “Computer1” -MacAddress “FA:FA:FA:FA:FA:FA” But I get this error Import-CMComputerInformation : No object corresponds to the specified parameters. At line:1 char:1 + Import-CMComputerInformation -ComputerName “Computer1” -MacAddress “FA:FA:FA:FA:FA:FA” + ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ … Read more

SCCM Application Deployment – No Status or Errors

Within the Configuration Manager console I have created an application package for WMF5.1 that has a dependency on .NET Framework 4.7.2. It also supersedes WMF3.0 so there’s an action included to uninstall that if present through a PowerShell script detection method. The deployment also has an OS requirement for Windows Server 2008 R2 64-bit. I’ve … Read more

Accessing client’s custom performance counters

I would like to access client’s custom performance counters in SCCM, is there any built-in functionality that would let me do that, if not, are there other some ways? Answer Try using Powershell and WMI to look around: Get-WmiObject -namespace root\ccm -class sms_client Get-WmiObject -namespace root\ccm -list It’s fairly versatile. AttributionSource : Link , Question … Read more

Windows Server Patching: Verification of Windows server coming back up after reboots? [closed]

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