Netmask for point to point ip address?

In a point to point tunnel, I was able to have the same IP twice. It looks like a bug, I think that might be related to some internal representation of the netmask. It can be reproduced with the steps below. I created a tun tunnel like this: ip tuntap add dev tun3 mode tun … Read more

Connect two internal networks in one network

I have two servers A and B. Server A with device ens3 and address and server B with device ens3 and address I want to setup on server A and server B networks, up vm instances, and I want access from vm from server A to vm from server B. I tried … Read more

Using OVH VPS as a shield to dedicated machine

I am having a few dedicated machines in a few hosting companies which either do not offer DDOS protection or their protection is awful. I’ve been contacting a few hosting companies and friends and got a suggestion about using OVH VPS as the first layer of connection or a VPN. So members who want to … Read more

Connect multiple corporate partner private networks

Here is a scenario: You would like to setup a private network between four companies at different cities for teams in these companies to collaborate on anti-virus software. Because of the nature of the work they want to setup a private LAN disconnected from their corporate network. How could you connect these private (lab) networks … Read more

VPN via middle/jump server

Here’s the rough picture of what I’m trying to do: client -> |VPN| -> server A -> |VPN| -> server B -> Internet. Server A and Server B are both on public internet with public IPs, also I have root access to both servers. Client is behind firewall but can reach server A. Client CANNOT … Read more

Configure L2TPv3 on Ubuntu using hostnames for peers instead of IP

Is it possible to configure L2TPv3 using ip l2tp commands on Ubuntu 18.04 but using hostnames for peers instead of static IP addresses ? If so can someone give me a hint on how to do this ? Answer You can achieve this by using solutions. AttributionSource : Link , Question Author : Boris … Read more

Operation not permitted on ping6 after mip6d establishes MIPv6 tunnel

I’m very much out of ideas here: I run mobile IPv6 on Ubuntu oneiric, with a simple fixed-address setup. mip6d establishes a tunnel, but as soon as the tunnel establishes I lose all network connectivity. I cannot ping, I cannot telnet/ssh, existing connections die, and even ping6 ::1 gives “Operation not permitted”. I also have … Read more

autossh -> private key without passphrase

I would like to tunnel a mysql database. So I thought I use a private key without a passphrase to make it reboot friendly. The problem is, openssh still asks me for a passphrase and if I leave it empty it denies the connection. Is there a way to disable the passphrase question and allow … Read more