How do I disable the chameleon effect in notifications and the Unity launcher?

Is there a way to stop the new unity feature that changes the colour of the launcher and notifications that matches them to the wallpaper? Its an interesting feature, but I would rather not have a yellow or brown launcher just because the wallpaper has some yellow or brown in the image, its pretty ugly. … Read more

I don’t have notifications when changing the brightness

In order to have the brightness feature working on my EeePC (Ubuntu 13.10, kernel 3.13), I had to add to my /etc/default/grub : GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT=”quiet splash acpi_osi=Linux” It was only displaying notifications of brightness change, but was never changing the brightness. Now it does, but I have lost the notifications. Not a big deal, but I … Read more

Does Timeshift Backup provide (OSD) notifications in Ubuntu?

I am trying Timeshift backup program for the first time in my Ubuntu 14.04 64-bit system. Setup and use is simple enough but I am used to Ubuntu’s default program “Deja-Dup” providing persistent pop up notifications when it’s time to run a scheduled backup. I’ve setup a scheduled backup in Timeshift, but I have not … Read more

What is the command to kill/close notifications? [duplicate]

This question already has answers here: Is it possible to cancel or clear a notification created by using notify-send? (4 answers) Closed 4 years ago. By default, I have to wait for a few seconds for the notifications to fade off. I’d like to know the command to kill them immediately, so I can bind … Read more

Pop up bubble messages for boot related issues

I was looking at one of my apps today and wondered if it actually worked to get today’s sunrise and sunset times. Conky displays them as 8:46am and 4:36pm respectively but they could be yesterday’s times for all I know. I could dig through program code and find what error messages go into journalctl if … Read more

Display non-critical notifications when totem is playing video

When I’m watching videos in Totem, only critical notifications are displayed. To me, it is more important to get these notifications when I’m watching a video in full screen, because then there is nothing else to indicate that something has happened. I currently have to switch back and forth in order to see if I … Read more

How do I integrate Songbird with the desktop?

I would like to know if I can have a better integration of Songbird into Unity and Gnome. Specifically, can Songbird: be controlled through the panel sound menu, like Banshee in Ubuntu 11.10? show notification bubbles when songs change? I would rather use these features with Songbird. Although general suggestions on how to implement a … Read more