Websites from the same hosting doesn’t open only from my router/proovider

Faced with a strange problem. I have a hosting with few websites. Starting from today I can’t navigate any of them from any device, connected to home wifi. But I can ping each domain. Chrome fails with Timeout, while mobile browser fails with Connection Refused. And there are nobody (as far as I know) who … Read more

Nginx can’t serve more than 40 concurrent users

I’m testing my Nginx web server (configured with CentminMod) with and the server returns timeouts when the connected users are about 40. I can’t understand why! It’s Nginx, not Apache! Can anyone help me? This i my nginx.conf: user nginx nginx; worker_processes 1; worker_priority -10; worker_rlimit_nofile 260000; timer_resolution 100ms; error_log logs/error.log; pid logs/; pcre_jit … Read more

Users unable to connect due to an unknown plausible reason [closed]

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How to get rid of firewall blockage to ssh to my ec2 instance [closed]

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linux + timeout from command

in my bash script I want to add timeout for the lvresize command so if the command is waiting , I will exit after 5 second , as the follwing: timeout 5 lvresize -L 1M /dev/mapper/rootvg-home Rounding size to boundary between physical extents: 32.00 MiB WARNING: Reducing active and open logical volume to 32.00 MiB … Read more

Win7 VM @ ESXi Server @ VMWorkstation (Win7) – ping works only from VM -> HostOS, not vice versa

right now I’m toying around with VM Ware stuff and not having any pcs then my laptop I decided to run an ESXi Server inside of VWmware Workstation. I was just curios to see if the server would allow to setup and run a VM. And after some tweaking there it was, working like a … Read more

hMailServer doesn’t let me send mail through Thunderbird – works with non-default port

I have hMailServer installed on Windows Server 2008. It’s all set up and working, except that I can’t send mail from it through Thunderbird (getting an SMTP timeout message) from my own PC (which is not in local network with the server). I have checked the settings multiple times, and they are correct. With a … Read more

wget –timeout doesn’t time out an active connection

When using –timeout with wget, I was expecting that if the transaction hasn’t completed within the timeout period, then it would abort. However, it seems to mean (with respect to read-timeout) that no data should have transferred in 30 seconds for the timeout to trigger (or dns or connecting takes longer than 30 seconds). Is … Read more

Too Many ESTABLISHED connection from a single IP address in Apache

netstat -ntp |grep 80 shows too many ESTABLISHED connection from single IP address. Around 300 of them and it is not an attack and user is using a 2G connection to access Apache. This is the case with other 2G connections also. As a result of this Apache is running out of children. Earlier it … Read more