Microsoft Deployment Toolkit – Windows.old

I am starting to implement Microsoft Deployment Toolkit along with Windows Deployment Services to install Windows 7 and Windows Vista over the network, including applications. We are a PC repair shop so this will save time having to select the correct Windows disc and manually having to install each application one by one. Using the … Read more

MDT: workgroup installs?

Im trying to use MDT to capture and reproduce a win7 image with some customizations (extra SW). Ive tried both the ‘scripts\litetouch.vbs’ process and the ‘litetouchpe_x64.iso’ (pxe boot) approach. Neither seems to get very far. Im wondering if the issue is that my MDT machine is a domain member whereas the system Im trying to … Read more

Error when trying to deploy Windows XP SP3 with WDS

I have created a WDS server running Windows Server 2008 R2. I have built my custom images of Windows 7 using WAIK and MDT 2010 that are installed on the server. I used this guide to help me through the process. The Windows 7 images that I have created capture and deploy properly. I am … Read more

Applications Deployment with MDT

I have added a install for Silver light to my MDT server, so it can get installed when the image gets deployed. When I boot them machines it is asking me to install the applications, how can i get it to auto install the apps without prompting. I have added this line to the rules … Read more

MDT does not automatically select the correct task sequence on reboot of client system

I have a pretty good (automated) MDT setup (with no SCCM) but when the client computer reboots, it asks for the task list that it needs to execute. I want it to keep choosing the same task sequence until the task sequence is done (it reboots multiple times). How would I accomplish this? Extra info: … Read more

MDT windows 7 application installation error on ActiveX

I have a problem with the deployment of Windows 7 from a Microsoft Deployment Toolkit Server. The installation of the Operating System works just fine but when it continues with the application installation, then some Applications return an error. Most of them I have figured out what the Error means, but I have two applications … Read more

silent installion command for installing office 2007 in MDT 2010 deployment

Can any body help me out in providing some silent installation commands for installing office 2007 for MDT 2010 Deplyoment Answer Create/edit the config.xml (via Deployment Workbench -> application properties -> office products tab), while specifying “Display level: None” for a silent/unattended installation. source AttributionSource : Link , Question Author : user51528 , Answer Author … Read more

Send Email as last task on task sequence in MDT 2010

I’m currently trying to setup a task that will email me when the deployment has finished. It seems fairly simple, and I’ve looked online as a reference. I found one person (Johan I believe) that had a custom ZTISendMail.wsf file that you can install as an application, but even that seems like it’s above and … Read more