Where can I buy stickers/labels to put on rack systems/servers to identify them? [closed]

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Print to local home network based printer from cloud server? [closed]

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Heat-resistant adhesive labels

Most adhesive labels I’ve run across don’t do so well when affixed to anything that puts off significant heat (rear of servers, external disks, some networking gear, …). Since manual application of an epoxy is not a solution that appeals to me, what off-the-shelf options are out there for heat-resistant labels? (Something that works in … Read more

Heat shrink cat5 cable labels

I’m looking for some feedback from someone who has used heat-shrink labels for cable management/identification in a server room environment. Specifically, I’m looking at the Brady IDXPERT printer with something like the XPS-375-CONT (.645″ x continuous length, 3:1 shrink). Please let me know your thoughts on heat-shrink vs. laminate or any other label type. Answer … Read more

Need help in finding these cable labels

I was watching a video on Cisco’s new data center in Allen Texas and at the 7:15 mark they show some interesting cabel labels – photo attached. Can anyone help identify where I can purchase these labels, and the printer necessary to print them? Answer Looks like these might be what you’re looking for. http://www.cablemarkers.com/tiptags.htm … Read more