How do I create a static website on aws s3 specifying an index document with spaces in the name

for example suppose I have a file “test index.html” and I want to set this as the index document for static website hosting, how do I do this? I’ve tried test index.html, “test index.html”, test+index.html, test%2Bindex.html e Answer As of RFC3986 dictates: URL encoding replaces unsafe ASCII characters with a “%” followed by two hexadecimal … Read more

Web page showing index list

I am using Apache 2.2.22 for web hosting and I had created a directory tree like C:/server/www/ and put everything (my web page file) inside the public_html, but inside the public_html I still have sub directory file and inside the sub directory file I still have another sub directory file. So my web page directory … Read more

Apache (with Nginx) redirects on directory listing

I have setup Nginx as a reverse proxy in front of Apache. Everything seems to be working fine, although: When i try to access an index-file (say index.php) but without specifying the file itself, and leaving out the trailing slash of the folder, Apache will redirect. Example: I expect to see index.php – instead … Read more

MySQL (MariaDB) is running at 100% CPU utilization after adding an index

I attempted to add an index to a date field in a table (MyISAM) having about 4,000 rows, using PHPMyAdmin. PHPMyadmin froze, finally timed out. Now, even after rebooting the server, the MySQL (MariaDB) server is using 100% cpu, and is almost unresponsive. For example, a query to return 400 rows in a small table … Read more

SQL Server: Index utilization statistics?

Is there a way in SQL Server to get a report of index usage? i know starting with SQL Server 2005, you can get reports of top resource-using queries, based on what’s in the Plan Cache: i’m curious to know if there are any indexes that are no longer used, or hardly used, expecially multi-key … Read more

How to list all indexes/constraints/FKs in a MySQL Database from commandline

Is it possible, from the MySQL command line, to list in a single query all the indexes/constraints/FKs etc that are in the database in question? Thanks in advance Rich Answer We can also refer to INFORMATION_SCHEMA.TABLE_CONSTRAINTS dictionary table providing TABLE_SCHEMA and CONSTRAINT_TYPE in where clause/ CONSTRAINT_TYPE could be ‘UNIQUE’/’PRIMARY KEY’/FOREIGN KEY’ AttributionSource : Link , … Read more

Creating indexes on tables filled from transactional replication – SQL 2005

I’ve got two SQL 2005 servers, one OLTP [let’s call it SQLA] and one used for reporting [SQLB] to reduce load on SQLA when people run crazy queries. Our main database is replicated from SQLA to SQLB with transactional replication. The nature of the queries we run on SQLB are obviously very different, and therefore … Read more