Determine which server in VM environment to forward request to based on host header(s) on one network adapter [closed]

Closed. This question needs details or clarity. It is not currently accepting answers. Want to improve this question? Add details and clarify the problem by editing this post. Closed 5 years ago. Improve this question As the question title states: I’m trying to figure out how to discern which web server to pass network traffic … Read more

IIS6 windows authentication failure in secondary domain

Technical Setup We have a website set with no anonymous access on a webserver (, and making use of two hostheader values (with appropriate DNS entries created): 1. 2. The domain we use is work.local IIS Directory security is set to: Enamble Anonymouse Access = False (unticked) Integrated Windows Authentication = True (ticked) … Read more

How to configure host-header resolution in Windows Server 2003 IIS

I had a Windows 2000 server running two web-sites: Web-site: Newland IP Address TCP Port Host Header Name ================ ======== ================ (all unassigned) 80 Web-site: Matchstick IP Address TCP Port Host Header Name ================ ======== ================ (all unassigned) 80 (all unassigned) 80 (all unassigned) 80 And all was well. People requesting … Read more

debian nginx 1.10.3 prevent headers injection

I have a debian 8 VPS running with nginx 1.10.3. I host several Symfony 3.2 websites (using php7-fpm), and I face headers injection problems. I can’t figure out if the problem is more from nginx or from the symfony project configuration. I am not using any LoadBalancer like Varnish or Amazon AWS for now. When … Read more

Certificate SNI and IIS host header

Context: IIS website with hostname header configured and TLS certificate. When a client initiates a connection to the specified site, is this the right flow ? Client (browser) performs DNS lookup TCP connection is established to the server Client (browser) constructs the TLS payload where it include the SNI which is the site name and … Read more

Can you install a single domain certificate in IIS 6 with mutlple ip host headers?

If I have the A record in the DNS pointed to a unique IP address on our server, but have mutiple IP addresses associated with the host headers, will this cause an issue? Answer You can’t have multiple hosts using the same individual IP running SSL. Each one needing SSL must be unique. You can … Read more

CISCO ASA 5505 Base Licence – Ability to interpret http request headers (host headers)

Base licence configured CISCO ASA 5505 is not capable of routing based on interpretation of the inbound http request headers – affectively host header redirect – am I correct? If I am correct will an upgrade from the base licence help me – or is device not the best for this type of requirement, and … Read more