Problems after trying to upgrade Python

I am still able to run Anaconda, but the Python installation is suffering some issues after accidentally creating a wrong symbolic link and then trying to upgrade Python version The following additional packages will be installed: apport apport-gtk aptdaemon python3-apport python3-apt python3-aptdaemon python3-aptdaemon.gtk3widgets python3-distupgrade python3-software-properties python3-update-manager ubuntu-drivers-common ubuntu-release-upgrader-core ubuntu-release-upgrader-gtk unattended-upgrades update-manager-core update-notifier update-notifier-common Suggested packages: … Read more

Listing all packages, but without addional text

In this time I am working of project, what tell you, what software you have installer and what you can install. In this time I have problem with this command: grep -hn Package: /var/lib/apt/lists/* . This command returns me package names, that’s good, but I need hide the other text along it: What i get: … Read more

What is the dpkg equivalent of “rpm -i”?

I have a package installed on an Ubuntu machine, and I need to list the metadata of that installed package to determine where it came from. On a Redhat based machine, “rpm -i [packagename]” will give me the information I need. What is the equivalent dpkg command to do this? Answer dpkg-query gives you all … Read more

Dovecot install error: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code

I am trying to install a mail server on my Raspberry Pi. I have setup the FQDN and run apt-get update, and am trying to install postfix, mysql and dovecot with the command apt-get install postfix postfix-mysql dovecot-core dovecot-imapd dovecot-pop3d dovecot-lmtpd dovecot-mysql mysql-server However, I get the error message: Processing triggers for menu … Errors … Read more

DPKG Equivs Issue

Basically, here’s the gist of my issue: I’ve compiled my own version of MySQL with some Sphinx magic sprinkled in it. However, because its compiled from source and not installed from any package management system, anything that requires mysql-common still wants to the package manager to install it. For dpkg the solution to this problem … Read more

Should i disable triggers when force reinstalling packages in ubuntu (to repair corrupted exectables)

I want to reinstall some selected packages on my ubuntu server (lucid). I’m planning on running cat packages.txt | xargs apt-get –reinstall install to restore some executables I think may have become corrupted. My question is, should I use dpkg’s option to not run triggers. This would I presume specifically prevent the configuration triggers from … Read more

Install from backport with apt fail

So little question, I’ve got this: redis-server: Installed: 2:1.2.6-1 Candidate: 2:1.2.6-1 Version table: 2:2.4.15-1~bpo60+2 0 100 squeeze-backports/main amd64 Packages *** 2:1.2.6-1 0 500 squeeze/main amd64 Packages 100 /var/lib/dpkg/status When I try to upgrade to newest version I get: $ sudo apt-get install -t squeeze-backports redis-server redis-server is already the newest version. What should … Read more