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New DELL R330 – No support for Server 2008 R2?

I just bought a new Dell R330 with and H330 RAID controller. When I try to install Server 2008 R2, the installation program cant find my Raid setup. The Raid is up & running and if I try Server 2016, it finds the discs and I can install the OS. So there is no problem … Read more

Dell Perc 4/DC controller – managing it from Windows 7 on a not dell workstation? [closed]

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What might cause a DELL R610 with PERC H700 Virtual Disk to disappear after an OS install/reboot?

Problem I have a Dell R610 Server that I am trying to upgrade with some new disks and a new operating system. The server has a PERC H700 RAID Controller with firmware (which is the latest I could find on the Dell site). I ran firmware, bios and driver updates from the Dell support … Read more

Dell R620 with PERC s110 and LSI Centos 8 not discovering RAID drives [closed]

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Expand PERC 6/i RAID 10 SSD array, or add new VD for SQL Server?

On a Dell R710 server running Window Server 2008 R2 there are currently 4 50GB SSDs in a RAID 10 array, and I’m adding 2 additional 50GB SSDs. This server runs SQL Server and not much else. If these were spindled HDs, from what I’ve read I would be better off to create a new … Read more

Move OS from Software RAID (PERC S300) to Hardware RAID (PERC H700/H800)

A client of ours has a server running Windows that is installed on a PERC S300 software RAID. We want to upgrade this to a larger capacity, so we are also upgrading to a hardware RAID card (PERC H700). Although we have backups of the server, we wanted to know if was possible to take … Read more