How to debug and prevent flaky unreliable IT environment? [closed]

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Investigate why user has access to a folder [closed]

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Querying a webserver as if request came from a certain remote IP?

I am having trouble with my Apache web server configuration since a number of remote clients receive 404s, while the majority of clients (me, locally, included) do not have any trouble (status 200). Hence, for the sake of debugging, I’d like to send test queries (via curl) to the web server as if the request … Read more

Tons of 500 errors like – fcgid:warn Bad file descriptor: client mod_fcgid: ap_pass_brigade failed in handle_request_ipc function

I copied a site over to GoDaddy from LiquidWeb because LW experts were unhelpful even if more knowledgeable. GD is hit or miss. On the Godaddy hosting I get 500 errors constantly when in admin panel of WordPress and click on various items: plugins, posts, tools, doesn’t seem to matter what it is I click … Read more

Where to get the source tar of zend debugger for PHP 5.3.x for linux?

I went here,but the web debugger only contains the windows version zenddebugger.dll, where to get the source tar of zend debugger or better the for linux? Answer Try this site. AttributionSource : Link , Question Author : yoyo , Answer Author : murisonc

Simple MySQL query locking up until database restart

I have a very simple query that runs in 216ms on my development machine but was taking more than 45 seconds on my production server, that is, until I restarted MySQL there: UPDATE `forum_categories` SET `post_count` = COALESCE(`post_count`, 0) + 1 WHERE (`id` = 20) Here is the SHOW STATUS value just before the restart: … Read more

I would like to redirect port 8140 on my public IP address (ip1) to port 8140 on Internet host (ip2)

edit3: i would like to get exactly what is descripted in but it doesn’t work for me. edit3 end; os: debian squeeze shorwall: 3 computers a, b & c; shorewall is on computer b i would like to dnat port 8140 from b->c, so computer a can connect to b and will be … Read more

Coldfusion crashing when I initiate debugging session?

I’ve been trying to hook up eclipse to RDS for a CF8 testing server I have in my office. Every time I try to test the connection, the CF8 application server service crashes. When I check the event logs, it turns out to be jrun crashing: Faulting application name: jrun.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x47d937de … Read more