networking and authentication

I installed a RADIUS server in my network (Windows 2008) and Active Directory which contains different users; I also have an access point (tp_Link) authenticated on RADIUS server. I am using Windows authentication. I cant authenticate laptops outside the domain to the wifi. How can i join this wifi from laptop outside the domain controller? … Read more

radius or wpa2 error? – comptia network+ [closed]

Closed. This question is off-topic. It is not currently accepting answers. Want to improve this question? Update the question so it’s on-topic for Server Fault. Closed 3 years ago. Improve this question Im taking the COMPTIA Network+ exam on thursday and have this practice question I dont understand the difference: Users connecting to an SSID … Read more

radius packets not reaching radius server

We are facing issue with radius server application wherein wireshark traces show radius request packets however some random packets are not visible in application’s debug logs. This is carrier grade radius application server from MNC vendor. I can’t provide further info on that. 🙁 OS = RHEL 7 radius communication utilizes IPv6 Any troubleshooting hints … Read more

RADIUS hardware on the client side?

From the wikipedia page on RADIUS: It says: RADIUS is a client/server protocol that runs in the application layer, using UDP as transport. The Remote Access Server, the Virtual Private Network server, the Network switch with port-based authentication, and the Network Access Server (NAS), are all gateways that control access to the network, and … Read more

OpenBSD logins via SSH seem to be ignoring my configured radius server

I’ve installed and configured a radius server upon my localhost – it is delegating auth to a remote LDAP server. Initially things look good: I can test via the console: # export user=skemp # export pass=xxx # radtest $user $pass localhost 1812 $secret Sending Access-Request of id 185 to port 1812 User-Name = “skemp” … Read more

How to export MS IAS Radius Login Events to a remote system

Is there a way to (export|pull) MS IAS radius login events (to|from) a remote system ? I can see that the logs are stored in plain text in a file called system32/logfiles/nap On the Windows 2008 server. Am I right in saying that these logs can’t be accessed by querying the windows event log ? … Read more

radius traffic accounting – what attributes do I use for traffic (and how)

we are building a web front end for a internet access token management system that uses radius (freeradius) queried from a captive portal. Reason for building this part is the integration into the accounting and billing platform that operates behind the scenes (all other parts are currently available open source software) The structure is fairly … Read more