Is there any way to execute any command just after a new connection on apache2? [closed]

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Multiple Background Processes at Single Line Works in The Foreground

I want to convert an uploaded PDF file to JPG images and zip these images after convert process finishes. I use the ImageMagick library’s convert command for PDF to JPG conversion. To accomplish this, I use the && operand like this: convert /tmp/asdassa_1395994117.pdf -density 200 /tmp/files/asdassa_1395994117.pdf.jpg && zip -r /tmp/files/ /tmp/files/* & This command works … Read more

Is there a way to know what services run on a Windows server without logging in to this server?

Hi I just started working as an intern and they use Windows servers for very specific tasks (converting .docx files) that are way harder on their other servers. But now I had to make that program run as a service. The catch is that it also runs on other Windows servers already for load balancing … Read more

Sending signals to running Upstart job

How can I send signals or events to a running Upstart job? I run a Node.js HTTP server with Upstart as a daemon and sometimes need to put it into maintenance mode for backups and stuff. I’d like to send a signal to the node process, which then will response with the maintenance mode. Can … Read more

How to delay and queue commands for execution at a later time? [closed]

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In AWS Ubuntu, python process stopped itself when running in background with &

command to start python process: python /root/serverFiles/ 8001 >> /root/log/cusp.log 2>&1 & is a python code to call a bio-sequence process tool and return result. all the python code and bio-sequence tools are under “/root” directory. i run it last night, the code test was fine. this morning i checked the process has … Read more

Displaying the window of a background process started by task scheduler in the current login?

Is it possible to bring a window that has been started by the task manager in the background to the foreground of an RDP session provided that the same account started the task? And if so how? Answer AttributionSource : Link , Question Author : leeand00 , Answer Author : Community

Ubuntu server terminating background process when last ssh closed

I have an Ubuntu 14.04 server and I am trying to start Apache Karaf from a ssh, exit the ssh and expect Karaf to remain execting. What I actually find is that as soon as the last ssh is closed/logged out, the Karaf process is terminated. I start Karaf with the bin/start command as described … Read more

How to run Azure cmdlets in background?

Several Azure PowerShell cmdlets have very tedious run times; a trivial task such as setting a static IP address on a virtual machine can take more than a minute (I guess this is because the cmdlet is actually sending commands to Azure and waiting for Azure to perform the requested task and report back); thus, … Read more