make vfs linux cache more inclined to keep inodes over actual file contents

I am using a centos 5 (2.6.18-194.el5). I need to be able to list files very quickly, in order for my rsync backup to be efficient. I don’t really need to cache file contents, because file access response time isn’t that important. I’ve got hundred million files and they keep being added and removed, and … Read more

Can’t boot Ubuntu 18.04.1 direct disk on Linode

I get a kernel panic stating that root cannot be mounted if I boot my Direct Disk installation of Ubuntu 18.04.1 in paravirtualization mode, as seen in this screenshot from the Glish terminal: Any idea why I can’t boot? Kernel module? GRUB settings? Answer After a recent update, I am now back on paravirtual mode, … Read more

Creating cache of remote files

I am trying to cache a small amount(Max 5mb) of the start of all the files that is available on gdrive(gsuite) for quicker indexing. I am experimenting with rclone now, but it seems like it only handles cache for the whole mount, and not individual files. If i set it to cache max 10G, it … Read more

Disk space monitoring with Zabbix while file descriptor/handle still open

Recently I’ve faced situation, when “standard” disk space monitoring failed – Zabbix uses vfs.fs.size item for checking disk usage, which is documented and preconfigured in bundled templates. The Problem: When files are deleted, but file descriptor/handle is still open – disk might be filled, but Zabbix will report no usage in this case. How can … Read more

How to edit /proc/partitions file in linux

I know /proc is a VFS and cannot be updated by user from shell prompt. this is my understanding from the beginning. Now , I am writing one code and where I am taking care of corrupted /proc/partitions file. I have my code ready and need to corrupt the file to test my code. I … Read more

In what conditions are local files seen or written by an App-V application?

For some applications I have sequenced, App-V seems to do just what is needed to make the application work correctly. In other cases, however, I have found that a few files that ought to reside on the local filesystem are virtualized. This is a problem because those files don’t survive a “repair” of the virtualized … Read more