Suddenly cannot switch keyboard layouts

All of a sudden the keyboard layout icon disappeared from my bar, and even the keyboard short-cut that I usually use to switch between german and russian layout stopped working. The “Text Entry” settings screen is now also completely unusable – none of the UI elements work there. The “input sources to use:” list is … Read more

How can I restore a disappeared battery tray icon indicator?

My battery tray icon indicator suddenly disappeared: I didn’t install or remove any software. I’m using Ubuntu 15.10. Answer Try reinstalling indicator-power sudo apt-get install indicator-power Other possiblity is that it is disabled in the gnome registry sudo apt-get install indicator-applet-complete sudo apt-get install dconf-editor Then use dconf-editor to change icon-policy to present. AttributionSource : … Read more

How do I Remove these “Manual Column Break” Indicators from an MS Word File?

In some .doc file generated online from a .pdf file using pdf to word converter, I see some “Manual Column Break” indicators in blue color as shown below. This indicator appears a number of times in the .doc file. These were not present in the original .pdf file. I have tried hard to remove these … Read more

Clock disappears after trying to add Weekday / Date

I just installed Ubuntu 14.04, and when I try to add “Weekday” or “Date and month” to my clock, the entire clock disappears (though, oddly this does not happen when I add “Seconds”). I tried to uninstall and reinstall indicator.datetime, but no luck. Any tips? Before: ( After: ( Answer Ok, install dconf: sudo apt-get … Read more

Cannot connect to a working VPN through Network indicator?

I have fully calibrated VPN connection with all the required settings but I cannot connect it through Network Indicator. However sometimes it works just fine and I can connect it. What might be the problem, any idea? Answer When the VPN doesn’t connect kindly: 1)Ping the VPN server to ensure it is available. 2) Confirm … Read more

Why does Skype notification icon show up in Unity while Opera and Indicator-weather don’t?

The only thing I really miss in Unity is being able to have the notification/indicator icons available I choose. I always have a little CPU indicator, Weather, Opera and Skype available, but in Unity the only one working is strangely enough Skype. Not even HPlipGui’s notification icon shows up. What determines what works, and is … Read more