How can I protect business data from being removed by an employee using encryption? [closed]

Closed. This question is off-topic. It is not currently accepting answers. Want to improve this question? Update the question so it’s on-topic for Server Fault. Closed 6 years ago. Improve this question I am looking to beef up security on an office network. Aside from the obvious: physical security, limiting user privileges using Active Directory, … Read more

X220 support for iAMT and vPro

While browsing through the lenovo PSREF (tabook) for X220 model number 4287 (page 69) I noticed models that support iAMT and vPro and models that do not. Can anyone shed some light on this. Some models have the same processor and I assume same motherboard but one supports vPro/iAMT and the other not. Example: 4287-3KU … Read more

I can not boot up from an USB stick while I am connected with Intel AMT KVM

This is very strange. I can not boot up from an USB device until I reboot and close the connection immediately. Then everything works well. I can not provide more information than this, because I don’t know more. I don’t even know, where I could get logs… Answer Since I installed syslinux in stupid mode, … Read more

HP EliteDesk workstations Intel AMT event log “Operating system lockup or power interrupt.” errors

We have a number of HP EliteDesk workstations of varying models (8300, 800 G1) in our organization, some of which started exhibiting strange behavior over the past few months. Checking the Intel AMT event logs we see every 2-3 minutes the following error message being logged: Operating system lockup or power interrupt. The machines in … Read more

Lenovo ThinkStation P310 headless AMT/KVM

Model:30AT0054PB (ThinkStation P310) SN: S4AM6910 BIOS rev: FWKT80A ME Firmware rev: Has anybody have any success with running VNC via KVM/AMT connection to P310 in headless mode (without monitor)? BIOS and Intel ME Firmware updated. In my situation as soon as I disconnect VGA cable, the vnc client disconnects with error: Error 0x80862000. Unsupported … Read more

Sending graceful shutdown via AMT to intel NUC

I have several intel NUC (NUC5i5MYBE) hosts with AMT support and an up-to-date firmware (2017-05-06). I am able to send power-up and (hard) power-off and get the correct power info using amtc and Python AMT Tools According to the AMT 9.x notes there should be a way to send graceful shutdown (12) and graceful reboot … Read more

One NIC for AMT and another for the OS user?

I have never worked with AMT, I would like to make sure the following scenario would be possible before I start to invest in a few Intel AMT machines. Let’s assume the server has two NICs and each NIC has a different internet connection. Would it be possible to use one NIC for Intel AMT … Read more