Sync EC2 instances [closed]

I know many people have asked how to sync multiple ec2 instances and it seems the usual answer is to store all the assets in S3. Would this still make sense if the only thing I am trying to share between instances are blank text files?

Let me give a little background as to what I am trying to accomplish. Instead of having the user query the database to check for updated information every time, it compares the last modified date by touching a specific blank text file to a date stored on the device (iphone). This allows it to only query the database when something has been updated. My thinking was the less queries to the database the better. Would the best way to do this still be to store these blank text files in S3 or is there a solution to sync these blank text files across multiple instances every 1-5 mins?


If you are attempting to prevent DB access and can live with non-persistent storage, why not use a cache.

Memcache could fill the bill, is fast, and is simple to setup and program for. Redis and several others can do much the same while providing some persistence.

Source : Link , Question Author : user2093708 , Answer Author : Rik Schneider

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