SVN help:: svn: invalid option: –trust-server-cert

I want to bypass certificate checking. I tried using svn --trust-server-cert update, but I get an error, svn: invalid option: --trust-server-cert.

I am on ubuntu and the svn version is 1.5.4. Is there any other way to bypass the certificate? Ubuntu won’t automatically update my svn to 1.6.xx, which I think has this option. (In any case, I have heard that 1.6.xx has compatibility problems with some apache modules so is not fully safe to install?).

Anyone with a suggestion?




what version of Ubuntu are you using? Have you had a look at the latest binaries built by WANdisco?

I would say that Subversion 1.6 IS safe to use, as many large organisations have been using it for some time (I work for WANdisco, and am talking from first hand experience based on what our customers are using).

The feature you want is definately in Subversion 1.6


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