Super-power PC for many users – Server (2008 R2) on Hyper-V can not use full Machine hardware resources [closed]

Desription of problem changed : how to make sure, that my Hyper-V is using all my hardware resources, and if it is using, what is the bottleneck of the system, when discovering performance issues?
– First of all what is the rooftop of the hardware performance (so I could compare physical machine vs hyper-V Virtual machine)
– Then how to find what is causing my Server slow performance
– how to speed up the system?…Hyper-V has ability to use only 4cores, too bad even for 2x quadcore CPUs, not talking about cluster…I found possibility to make it force to use whatever cores I need, but : I did not discover any significant speed change, is it still limited to 4 cores..?
I found many Things-to -disable as NUMA nodes, VMQ, dynamic memory alocation, etc…..which should help, I guess there must be much more, if my server is getting bored(CPU,RAM,HDD), but users discovering great latency.
Any idea how to measure what is real (in Hyper-V or elsewhere)?
Thanks for any ideas….


I’ll bet any amount of money that one of the problem described in your second paragraph is your disk IO. Check your Disk Queue length in Perfmon on the actual hardware server. If you’re using a RAID controller without an enabled write cache (Usually via a BBWC or FBWC, battery or flash-backed write cache), you’re doing RDP wrong.

Why do you also have MS SQL on a Terminal Server for interactive users? Get that onto another machine.

Source : Link , Question Author : Jozef , Answer Author : mfinni

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