Structure of a Web Server [closed]

Where is possible to find references (links or books) about how a generic Web Server work? Basically, I’d like to have a general understanding of what a Web Server does and (ideally) how to create/modify one, say implementing secure https connection in a web server that does not support that.


Arstechnica has good tutorial with a fair amount of background info and links to more in-depth articles on various subjects.

The article chooses and focuses on one particular web server (nginx). Unfortunately it doesn’t dig into SSL/https configuration.

Be prepared that web servers are a big subject and SSL/https is a big subject all by itself.

For a resource that expects a bit more background knowledge Apache has some great documentation.

As you might expect the ‘Getting Started’ guide might be a great place to start.

If you don’t mind paying for a service can give you a wealth of good books on the subject for a flat monthly fee.

Source : Link , Question Author : Michele , Answer Author : Sam Alpher

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