Static IP Address to Redirect to Azure VIP Address

I am working on an azure hosted multi-tenant web application. Azure will provision a VIP address on initial cloud service deployment. The VIP address will not change for the lifetime of the deployment. I will have hundreds to thousands of domains setting up A-records to our multi-tenant application (VIP address).

What I am afraid of somehow losing the VIP. That is a HUGE risk. This would be catastrophic in that hundreds or thousands of customers’ sites would be down as they would have to change their A-records/CNAME’s to the new VIP address.

I’d like to find a way to buy an IP address and use that IP address as a proxy to the VIP so that if the VIP changed (bad things), then I could simply change the proxy to point to the new VIP. How would one do this?


As all your customers are just pointing an A record to “your” IP address, why not setup an A record in your DNS list and just have all your customers point a CNAME from to This way if you ever decide to leave Azure and go to another hosting site your customers don’t need to change anything. As soon as their DNS cache expires they’ll be pointed to your new IP.

That said, the risk of Microsoft changing that IP address on you is basically zero. Just like any other hosting provider they can’t go around changing public IP addresses on people.

Source : Link , Question Author : Bill Christenson , Answer Author : mrdenny

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