Shading above and below lines in line graph

Would greatly appreciate help on this…

I need to shade above a line (i.e. between that line and the top of the graph) as well as below another line.

It’s a river flow graph and the objective is to highlight another line that is mostly between the two lines I need to add shading to.

image one is the graph – linked below. I’m trying to shade above the blue and below the red
image one is the graph - linked below. I'm trying to shade above the blue and below the red

All the tutorials and questions I’ve found relate to shading between two lines or making the graph into an area graph – neither of which is a great fit.

Here’s links to things I’ve found:



1) Insert a combo chart

2) For the lower and upper values select Area (not stacked area chart type)

enter image description here

3) For the middole value, select Line chart type

4) Click “OK” — you will likely not see the areas like you want it, the higher value may hide the lower value area — this is normal

5) Right click on the chart and choose “Select Data”

6) Move each series up or down so all data becomes visible by clicking on the two triangles — the chart should update as you go.

enter image description here

7) Once the chart is all right, click “OK”

8) Select the Plot Area, Right Click on it and Choose Format Plot Area, then choose whatever colour you want for the fill

You should end up with something that looks like this:

enter image description here

Source : Link , Question Author : Katherine Perkins , Answer Author : cybernetic.nomad

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  1. Use the approach in my tutorial (which you cited in your question). You will have three filled areas, one between Y=0 and the lowest line, one between the lowest and highest lines (which has to be there but will have no fill color), and one between the highest line and a hidden line along the top of the chart (Y=Ymax). You’ll have to manually set the Y-axis maximum, because Excel wants to increase it to add white space above all data.


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