setup rogue DHCP when using PXE boot [closed]

Recently I want to setup PXE boot server (i.e. DHCP server + TFTP server + syslinux software) for my company network in a LAN. I have read the setup details at here:

However I don’t have admin/access right to the existing DHCP server and I cannot change the settings. (you need to put the PXE server IP address in the DHCP server configuration file to make the PXE booting works).

I want to do the PXE boot in a good intention (make the new OS installation easier). Can I setup my own DHCP server (not ‘legal’ DHCP server) and use it with my PXE server to do the PXE boot? Is it possible?

If I cannot setup my own DHCP server, what is the working round for this problem? I really want the PXE boot to easy my batch installation process. thanks.


What you need is exactly what has been asked and described here:
Howto setup Cobbler with PXE if you can’t change the dhcp server?

There you see that it is very well possible to setup a ProxyDHCP server in a corporate environment. This essentially ONLY serves the PXE boot information and NOT the IP/subnet/gateway/etc information.

And just for the record, when done right this isn’t a DHCP server.

Source : Link , Question Author : Xianlin , Answer Author : Community

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