Setting up RAID from near-scratch

I am a total newbie on this field but I am planning to set up RAID for my data.

I have a full 1.5TB HDD, a full 2.0TB HDD and an empty 3.0TB HDD, all connected with a Gigabyte GA-H270-HD3 motherboard (which is said to support RAID 0, 1, 5 and 10). Everything will be running on Windows 10 (and a little bit of Linux from time to time), OS which are on an SSD each.

I think I can do software and hardware RAID with that.

Here are my questions :

1 – Is it possible to have those different-sized HDD on Windows 10 ? (this wasn’t the case back in the days but what about now ? Setting up a RAID 5 Array)

2 – Is it really the end of RAID 5 ? (RAID 5/10 setup) RAID 10 seems a lot less interesting and would require a 4th HDD.

3 – Isn’t there anything like Synology SHR on Windows ?


I hope you are aware, that making a RAID out of a drive will destroy all your data…

Hardware controllers didn’t ever complain about different sized drives in one RAID array (never really tested software RAID that extensively). Having 3Ware (LSI, Avago) and Intel controllers, I can tell you it ALWAYS was possible to create raid from different disk sizes, you just lost potentially available space, e.g. in your case you will have RAID5 that has 3TB space available out of 6.5TB on your disks. Noone will stop you doing that though.

RAID5 for +/- 2TB drives is OK IMHO. Enterprise drives 4pieces of 2TB rebuild in under 8hrs AFAIR with no write cache. A software raid 4x4TB NAS drives 5400rpm on freeNAS, with ZFS system, rebuilds at nearly 11hrs. As always, choice is yours. I can only tell you that I’ve never had two or more drives in one array fail at once thru my 18 years of IT work…. well, only once where power supply blew out and took everything with it, including HDDs.

Source : Link , Question Author : Dan Chaltiel , Answer Author : Kitet

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