Setting up multiple sites on one IP address [closed]

I am working for a client that has a CentOS 7 server running Apache 2.4.6. I have a Zend Framework/PHP based website running on the server. It only has an IP address. No domain name is pointed to it. I just have the document root set to the public folder of the PHP website, and all is working fine.

Now they want me to add another website to the server. I’m a programmer, not a sys admin, so I’m not sure how to proceed. I’m familiar with setting up virtual hosts to run multiple websites, but they usually have unique domain names. How do you run multiple sites with only 1 IP?


There are many options. A simple one would be to use ports, so that connecting to port 80 will show the current site, while port 81 would show the next site. But really, you should make sure you use hostnames.

Source : Link , Question Author : scott80109 , Answer Author : Guilhem Malfre

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