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We have about 15 Windows 2003 and 2008 servers at our data center, which host hundreds of different sites and databases. We have to move them to a new rack from 5th floor to 3rd floor. This move possibly involves switching off power and/or network for a while.

I want to keep the servers on while we do the move. Can anyone suggest how to do this? Please dont hesitate to also give other important tips and tricks which can help automate as many things as possible.


It can be done. Some guys did it to a server in Germany.

You need to be sure that

a) Your server has dual powersupplies.. So that you can unplug one, and connect a UPS, before disconnecting it from the mains.

b) You can support traffic over a 3G connection, and set up routing as such.

  1. Then you grab a UPS, make sure it’s charged, put it on a trolley.
  2. Connect it to the PSU in the datacentre (might be needed to start
    the UPS)
  3. Connect one PSU on the server to the UPS
  4. Allow stuff to stabilise.
  5. Connect the 3G and configure routing. Unplug the network.
  6. Check it’s still up.
  7. De-rack it, and get it onto the trolley..
  8. Move it.
  9. Reassembly and re-racking is the reverse of the above.

I don’t recommend it, but it can be done.

Source : Link , Question Author : Raj , Answer Author : Community

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