server 2003 r2 console login hangs with grey screen, server continues to work properly though

i have a server 2003 member server in a domain that hangs on local console login and under remote desktop connection (rdc).

i have disconnected sessions on that server from command line on another computer but still no luck.

i fear that the only logical solution might be the reset!. but i don’t want to do that. any other advice? thanks.

as a last effort i will try to pull the apc battery out of the ac socket and hope that the server will shut down gracefully when the battery gets to 20% left.

thanks again.


If you just want to soft-shutdown the server, and pressing the power button doesn’t do that, you can use the “shutdown” console command to remotely shutdown the server (or shutdown -r to restart it). just type “shutdown /?” in cmd to see the syntax.

Assuming the problem recurs, and the hang is on the login phase, i had a similar problem on a couple of my servers that had to do with domain authentication. I don’t remember specifics, but upgrading to SP2 and installing a specific hotfix for the problem fixed it. (i don’t remember the KB number, but a search of the technet for “windows hangs on login” should provide clues)

Source : Link , Question Author : dasko , Answer Author : V. Romanov

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