Running long time off a battery [closed]

I don’t know if this question is suitable for ServerFault, but here it’s anyway.

I brought what’s called power-inverter connected it to a battery charger to test how many amps my computer uses, so I found out it uses 10 amps (per what I don’t know).

so anyway, I bought a 100amps car battery, connected it to the inverter and now it’s capable of running my computer for 1.30 hour only.

The inverter itself is 1200 Watts (I tried 1000 watts inverter & it got really hot it’s cables nearly melted down).

I am running AMD 1090T, 16G DDR 3 RAM, 2X 1 T.B Green Energy W.D HDD on windows 7 x64bit. ThermalTake PSU 600

What I’m doing wrong? I need something that will last for 5 hours at least instead of an hour & half.


Give or take a factor of root 2, at 12V, 1200W is 100A (power = current * voltage ).

A draw of 1200W will therefore exhaust a 12v 100Ah battery in an hour.

A draw of 600W (which the server is rated for) will exhaust it in two hours, but given losses in the inverter, I don’t think an hour an a half is unreasonable.

If you want five hours, which is 3.3 times the uptime, you’ll need a 330Ah battery.

Source : Link , Question Author : ahmad , Answer Author : MadHatter

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