Running 64-bit apache mesos on 32 bit non-Linux non-Mac OS operating system [closed]

I am exploring Apache Mesos for my next project. As I was going through the mesos documentation, I realised that it can be installed on a Linux(64 bit) and Mac (64 bit) machine. That should be fine with my current setup. But I’m interested in knowing is there any way to run mesos on a 32 bit OS? Also, does it support any other operating system than Mac and Linux?


Your faint only hope would be to get the source, compile it against 32-bit libraries and install it.

Yes, if you were to do a lot of work, you might be able to get binaries generated for Windows but that is a low percentage proposition as well. You’d need to compile all dependent libraries needed and ensure they work. Sounds like a pretty ambitious project this one.

The suggested method would be to install a 64-bit Linux OS and work from that.

A 64-bit binary will NOT work on a 32-bit OS.

However, a 32-bit binary MAY work on a 64-bit OS.

Source : Link , Question Author : Manohar Negi , Answer Author : mdpc

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