Run 64bit installer on 32bit centos cannot execute binary file [closed]

I Have a 64bit file from my old server, its ./install file

now i want run it in 32bit server, see below error:

[root@host ~]# ./installer.1
-bash: ./installer.1: cannot execute binary file

My server is centos


Your 64-bit executable has 32 too many bits for your 32-bit operating system. You will need to run it on a 64-bit OS.

Bonus information: if things were reversed and this was a 32-bit binary that you were trying to run on a 64-bit OS, it could be done trivially after ensuring that ia32-libs or equivalent was installed.

Speaking frankly, though, this is 2016. There is no reason to still be using a 32-bit OS.

Source : Link , Question Author : antonio , Answer Author : EEAA

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