Retrieve host info from a VM [closed]

I know we are able to know if we are in a virtual machine. But i’m wondering if we can gether informations about host from a vm (ip, mac, os, …).
Another question: if we do an http request from the vm, is the web site able to get information about host or the host hardware ( mac address, ..) ?


Usually, the answer is “no”, unless the virtualization platform explicitly provides this kind of information to its guest systems (which is not a common occurrence).

You can detect which platform is in use (VMware, Hyper-V…) by examining the list of virtual devices in the guest system and their drivers, and also by checking if platform-specific guest components are present. But this will not tell you anything about the host system itself; which anyway could vary at any moment, if clustering is in use.

Source : Link , Question Author : Arzhr , Answer Author : Massimo

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