Remote Desktop: PC (2 screens) –> Mac (1 screen)

I have what I believe is a fringe case, but it would be cool to find a solution. I have a Windows machine that I would like to use to connect over my home network to a Mac laptop I have. This I can accomplish, but I would like to use both of the monitors on my PC (so its like my Mac is connected to both monitors natively).

For example, when I use my Windows Desktop (2 monitors) to connect to a Windows Laptop using Windows RDP, I get to use my laptop as if two monitors were connected to it (or even 3 if I have that many on my Desktop). I find this to be one of the nicer features that Windows RDP offers.

Is there anyway to accomplish this when performing remote control form Windows –> Mac? Tool that has this feature?



As you’ve probably discovered, you can’t use Microsoft’s RDC to connect to a Mac, even though you can use it from a Mac to connect to a PC.

VNC is your best bet, as it is built into the Mac & there is free for home use software available for other platforms, but I know of nothing that can make the Mac suddenly sprout a virtual extra monitor.


Source : Link , Question Author : Matt , Answer Author : Tetsujin

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