RAID6 Expansion end up in a stuck state of Reconfiguring -not running

Adaptec 5805 RAID Controller
I will explain my situation and what led to it in order.
I have a functional RAID6 with 4X10TB WD RED PLUS with data on it.
I planned to expand it from 20TB to 60TB adding 4 more HDD.

1.Install the disks in the machine

2.Open maxView on Windows server 2019

3.Initialize the 4 new HDDs

4.Use the expand menu, leave all HDDs selected like said in the maxView documentation (4 from the RAID6 Conf + the 4 new added)

5.Process starts in maxView, everything is fine until nothing shows up anymore and then I could not access the RAID under windows.

6.I leave it as is and I can hear the disks working somehow

7.After some time I couldn’t hear anything and was still unable to access the data. I decide to reboot.

8.I go into the RAID controller Bios, my RAID6 is showing as a 60TB RAID but with only 4 disks listed and it says “RECONFIGURING” “-not running” and when I go to the initialize menu I see the same 4 listed showing under RAID 6 listed there.

I tried to force repair with no result, actually it says it can’t do it on a functional optimal RAID array.

Under Windows, I can go through the data after the reset, everything is fine for that. Data is available but I have only 20TB.

I know the expansion can take quite some time and I can wait. My problem is that no percentage is showing neither under maxView or the controller bios. only the “-not running flag” and I can’t seem to have it repaired or restart the configuration process.

I went through the documentation and I see nothing about the not running label and I couldn’t find anything on the net so far about this.

Anyone here experienced this situation? Should I delete the array and recreate it and what would be the proper procedure to do it and not lose any data considering I don’t have 20TB of space available to backup the data?


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