raid 1 always degraded after pushing reset [closed]

I have Marvell hardware raid 1.

After pushing reset or any other incorrect shutdown raid is degraded.

Is it possible to create hardware raid 1 on other chips(intel chipset for example) for example or software raid 1 such that it is not degraded after reset?

For software raid windows solutions are preferable.


It is normal that a RAID (hw or sw) gets degraded after a reset. It just needs that the data is not written exactly simultaneously on both devices for this to happen: this is a race condition. If you push reset just on the moment in which both disk have been written to a different extent, you’ll get a degraded condition since the RAID system will need to deem one of them out-of-sync.

This, together with the possible problems with the filesystem itself, gives you the golden rule: avoid hard resets.

Source : Link , Question Author : Vyacheslav , Answer Author : Envite

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