Rackable 2U LCD Personalization

So I have several of these machines, however rather than physically labeling them (which I’d rather not do because there is really no place to do it, I would like to have the computer name displayed on the LCD screen on the front of it, is there a way to do this in the BIOS?

Motherboard: Rackable
Product Name: …………………….
Serial Number: 1428266
BIOS: Phoenix Technologies Ltd.
Version: V1.22.Vista.R4I
Release Date: 06/26/2008


I think the OP is referring to the LCD front panel on Dell servers. These can be set with customized text (e.g. a hostname) using the OMSA tools. For instance, in Linux:

omconfig chassis frontpanel lcdindex=1 config=custom text=hostname

Source : Link , Question Author : PunkIsDaFunk , Answer Author : ewwhite

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