Procedure for GoDaddy and AWS Route53

My boss host a domain e.g. in GoDaddy. (I do not have access to GoDaddy this case)

In AWS, I want to setup a load-balancer (ELB) and point to 2 EC2 servers.

Unfortunately, I can’t setup “@” A record to ELB due to DNS features.

I want to utilize Route53 to do it but my boss don’t want to transfer the domain to Amazon. Is it possible?

My question is, whether I need to transfer from GoDaddy to Amazon. (Of course, if I need to make some changes in GoDaddy side, it make sense to my boss). Is it ok? Thanks.


GoDaddy can still be a domain registrar while you’ll have to update it with 4 name servers assigned to your Route 53 Hosted Zone (visible as NS record in a Hosted Zone): In Route 53 Hosted Zone you can create an alias record to an ELB instance.

Source : Link , Question Author : Tommy , Answer Author : Evgeny Goldin

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