Partclone broken image restore

I have a partclone image of my hard drive which is obviously broken. I thougt I could rely on this backup but unfortunately I cant. It is my last chance to achieve the desired data so I would spend some effort…

At first I tried this tutorial to open my image which creates an img-for me but I cannot mount this file. Later I used this command sudo partclone.ext4 -r -W -C -L partclone.log -s sda10.ext4-ptcl-img -o sda10.img from this page which fails, also with parameters like force and ignore_crc.

Then I booted the CloneZilla live CD and tried a restore of my image. As expected, it said that my image is broken.

Probably some data is still undamaged. What chances do I have to fix my unmountable image file? Which utilities do you recommend?


I have no idea what the problem was, but this post solved my problem. All my data is accessible again! I hope this is helpful for further people!

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