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my company is planning to go for paperless, what free open source software do I need to help pull it off? All suggestions are welcome, We all ready have citrix cloud stack on premise if that helps.


This is very hard to answer in its current format, we do not know if you use a CRM/ERP. Emails etc etc.

But you need to look at where the paper is generated. You cant just install a single app and think that all paper will go!

We run a paperless office but I can tell you we still have paper in the office. Clients still send things in and certain things NEED to be printed by law.

My suggestion would be take a step back, look where things are being generated is it needed? Is it just easier for the user, could they have a little training to help? look at the applications that you have in house and sit down with users and ask why the print it. We found a number of people didn’t know they could save email text into our CRM so printed it out and scanned it in! After training we cut our print count by around 2000 pages a month.

Source : Link , Question Author : Shiba_Tatsuya , Answer Author : Zapto

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