OpenLDAP and Samba, can’t log onto Samba share from Windows

The former jackass IT-guy that I’m taking over for had a Samba share setup on a Fedora server that uses our OpenLDAP server to authenticate users who want to log in from Windows.

We recently added a new employee and I jumped through the LDAP hoops to add them to the system. However, I can’t seem to use their login to access the Samba share. I’m looking through the LDAP settings and Groups and comparing the new user account to existing ones, and I can’t figure out what settings in LDAP are required for this user to be able to access the Samba share.

Of course the former idiotic IT-guy didn’t document a single thing and has all sorts of weird setups on the network. So I’m at a bit of a loss on knowing what to look for here.

Where should I start?

On the server that is hosting the Samba share, he has samba running obviously but also has smbldap-tools loaded as well.


Are you sure its using LDAP for authentication and not just authorization? If you change your password in LDAP does the share allow logins with the old password or the new one? Thats an important question to answer-if you change your password and it doesn’t seem to pick it up on the Samba server, the Samba server may be using locally setup Samba users and checking their group membership in LDAP.

Source : Link , Question Author : Jake Wilson , Answer Author : Josh Budde

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