“Open With…” somehow selected Adobe Reader; now my browser (and more) is messed up

I had a uTorrent download running, and I decided to turn the laptop off for the night and when I switched it back on today, I clicked “continue downloading” which required me to use “Open With…” on a file which used Adobe Reader and I just selected it in a hurry.

Afterward, my Google Chrome and my gaming client (called Voobly) as well as my computer got Adobe icons on them and I couldn’t open them at all (an Adobe window would open up after double clicking them and close back down immediately).

I managed to select Google Chrome itself as the ‘Open With’ program for Chrome so I can use Chrome now but, again, Voobly and Skype and other programs all have ‘Open with Google Chrome’! How do I remove this and set everything back to normal?

And I’d like to add that cmd doesn’t work either, as it also has the “Open with Google Chrome” thing going which just opens a Chrome page of nothing, just like with Adobe.


Download following ZIP file, extract it and run the extracted REG file. It’ll ask for confirmation, accept it. It should solve the problem

Source : Link , Question Author : Ask_Ask_Ask , Answer Author : Shubham Gupta

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