My IBM Xseries 305 Server won’t boot from DVD, why? [closed]

I switched the boot order via to the IBM bios so it’s first thing to try is booting from a CD. This doesn’t work… it contniues to boot via to the hard drive. I’ve tried messing with it for about two hours now and I’m fed up with IBM… can anyone explain wha’s happening? The disk I’m using is a DVD+R with a .iso file burned to it… if this helps. I really need help figuring out what’s causing this. Could it be my cd drive is out of date? Keep in mind that this server is a IBM Xseries.


Can you boot that DVD on another machine? It could have not burned properly. Or it might not be a DVD drive?

In the vendor’s part spec PDF (which I pointed you to in one of your other questions) it specifically says that the server has a 24x CD-ROM drive. Unless you or someone else has swapped it out, it will never boot (or even read) a DVD of any variety.

Source : Link , Question Author : Noah Brainey , Answer Author : Community

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