MS Word header level 4 numbers is wrong

Header numbering is fine for the first 3 levels.

1.2 2


But, my level 4 headers are not of format A.B.C.D – only D, where D starts at 1 and increments throughout the document, not resetting when higher header levels are encountered.

E.g, if I were to add a level 4 at the end of the example shown,I would expect it to be, but I see only 1.

I have searched and tried things such as this, but they are all very complicated.

Is there a simple way to fix my problem? MS Office pro 2016, if it makes any difference.


enter image description here


Could you check whether the level 4 shown correct in Define new Multilevel list?
The first 3 numbers should include level numbers form level 1, level 2 and level 3.

enter image description here

If the settings are OK, but the issue still persists, please put the cursor after level number, press Left arrow (←), then press Ctrl+ Shift+ S to open Apply Styles, make sure it use a correct style.

enter image description here

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