Monitored network at the office [closed]

Network security is not exactly my area of expertese so I apologize if I’ve phrased this question wrong or if it’s already been asked somewhere:

If I am on a network that is monitored, like the network at my office is, but I am on websites that use https, or if I SSH into a server, can that traffic be monitored or does it just show as encrypted noise?

I’m sure they can see the activity on their network, but if I check (for example) my personal gmail from work, and it’s over https it should be invisible right? As far as I know the network is monitored, but I don’t believe the local computer is actually monitored/key logged.


If they control the machine, the could have installed a CA certificate allowing them to forge certs and perform a MITM attack. There are monitoring products that do this.

Source : Link , Question Author : lyonsinbeta , Answer Author : Zoredache

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