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Can you help me with my capacity planning?

I am contemplating purchasing/setting up a 16gb server which will contain 2 5gb instances of mongodb (multi drive replica/shard sets with remote backup with slave reads ok), a 4gb redis instance and a 2 gb postgres instance.

Couple question on this matter:

1) What kinda cpu would be idea for virtualizing and making 4 centos 6 implementations on one computer with 2 mognodb, 1 redis and a postgres instance?

2) Would a 25mb/s connection be fast enough for connecting my webservers to the databases? I.e how often is internet speed the hiderence with a database setup, is 25 goning to make a big difference from 100?

I would rather host this setup in the cloud but that costs way to much monthly especially since the app I am working on has a bit to go before it starts making revenue that I can use to pay for such a thing. Getting a $500 server that will last a long time, makes more sense to me…


Not to be harsh, but (even ignoring the capacity planning aspect) your entire scheme is optimistic (at best), and misguided. Fortunately it’s probably just ignorance, which can be cured.

Add a zero to your budget to start. That will get you one beginning midrange server. Double or Triple your existing to get a low-end server.

The processor doesn’t matter all that much; just about everything is 64-bit with virtualization extensions these days.

Choose a database and learn it well.

Unless this is just for testing slaving/failover, don’t put similar VMs on the same host; that’s putting your eggs in the same basket, and increasing overhead with each VM.

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