MDT does not automatically select the correct task sequence on reboot of client system

I have a pretty good (automated) MDT setup (with no SCCM) but when the client computer reboots, it asks for the task list that it needs to execute. I want it to keep choosing the same task sequence until the task sequence is done (it reboots multiple times).

How would I accomplish this?

Extra info:
Server 2012 R2 Standard with WDS pushing the Litetouch WIM (x86 and x64). MDT version is 2013.

The task sequence is for deploying Windows 7 x86.

Win 7 x86 is a custom task sequence built from the ground up.

There are three task sequences available on the server.


What do you mean by “built from the ground up?” If by that you mean you created a task sequence , deleted everything and then put your own steps in, there’s several steps in a default task sequence which MDT relies of to properly run the Lite-Touch deployment on a client machine.

If these steps don’t exist, the deployment won’t work properly.

When creating task sequences, it’s best to add on your custom steps into the default task sequence.

Source : Link , Question Author : Elliot Labs LLC , Answer Author : Mbond65

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