MD5 for Git’s git-credential-osxkeychain executable? [closed]

This question copied over from Super-User, where it was apparently unwelcome. Anyway, asked and answered:

I’m setting up a GitHub account and have downloaded Git’s git-credential-osxkeychain executable via the Password Caching section of GitHub’s instructions. But… I am paranoid enough to look for some reassurance that I’ve got my hands on the right thing. Can anybody out there verify an MD5 for the executable at (Yes, that is a direct link to the exe!) Better yet, point to an official source.


The nice folks at GitHub inform me that

The MD5 checksum is dc84cd7df3a91af7e41f9a00b30bde78.

which is what I get.

Source : Link , Question Author : QED , Answer Author : QED

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