Mastercard not being accepted on GCP

I just started to use Google Cloud platform for Kubernetes and I am trying to confirm my MasterCard details in order to get started with the free-trial but it gets rejected every time.

I tried contacting google support and searching online for similar issues and solutions but all to no avail.

Please how do I go around this?


I think that the best answer for your question you can find in the official Google Cloud documentation:

Cloud Billing Support

All Google Cloud accounts get free billing and payments support. This
page tells you how to contact Cloud Billing Support if you need help
with your Cloud Billing account, and shows you where to get more
information about managing your billing account.

Cloud Billing Support is available in several regions and languages.
For information about support availability, see Google Cloud Support

As you can read above “All Google Cloud accounts get free billing and payments support.”

As mentioned in comments by @Michael Hampton, this is a type of issue that cannot be resolved by Open Source Community and recommended action should be contacting the vendor’s support.

They even provide direct link for contacting Cloud Billing Support:

How to contact Cloud Billing Support

For Billing Administrators

For Cloud Billing accounts you own, follow this link to contact Cloud
Billing Support. Note that you must be a billing administrator
on at least one Cloud Billing account to use this contact method.

Contact Cloud Billing

Btw. they do support MasterCard as you can read here:

We accept debit cards with the Visa or MasterCard logo.

So you should be able to further clarify with them what can be the issue in your particular case.

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