Make own dial-up ISP using broadband connection [closed]

So, I see no reason why this wouldn’t be possible. I have a Linux server (a Raspberry Pi to be exact) connected via Ethernet to a broadband ISP. I want to be able to dial a number, have it go through the normal telephone network, onto the Internet via a VoIP provider (I know you can call a Skype user from a landline), to my Raspberry Pi, and then have the Pi connect me to the Internet. I’ve found guides on making your own ISP, but they all involve a dedicated phone line on the server end. Is there a way to do this with no modem on the server end? I live in an area with a lot of people still on dialup, and if I pull this off I could make some extra money. Thanks!


No, it won’t work. Dialup is painful enough as it is that making it worse with a VoIP hop is a non-starter. To provide usable dialup service, you need a clean, digital 56Kbps path from your digital modem to the end user’s local DAC.

Source : Link , Question Author : Skylar Ittner , Answer Author : David Schwartz

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